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Online Casino Games

With the introduction of the internet and online casino gambling growing in fame and popularity, a wide variety of online casino games have been made available for your gambling pleasure. So whether you are a slots fan, a blackjack or craps enthusiast, or a poker or a video poker player you are bound to find something to your taste and interest. New online casino games are being released constantly and there are loads of surprises in store for casino game players. Let’s look at the most popular games and their respective salient features.

A game of online casino blackjack is known to be played by persons who have good analytical and mathematical skills and whether this is true or not, blackjack is played by many serious and not so serious players. The game is highly popular with the women folk and in the recent past the blackjack tournaments have been increasingly popular with reputed casinos like Rushmore conducting tournaments. A simple game where the player’s objective should be to get as close to 21 without exceeding the number ‘21’, is what blackjack is all about.

The objective is to beat the dealer to it and reduce the house edge to the maximum. And to obtain this proper strategy is required, as blackjack is known to have a high house-edge. A game of thrill and excitement having been played over the ages is still popular and famous. Blackjack is one of the games which works only on strategy and planning.

The game of craps is very exciting and thrilling as the roll of each dice determines the winners and the losers. The game is played with different types of bets like Passline and Don’t pass line, Come and don’t come bets so a proper understanding of the bets is imperative to this game. And though the bets may appear complex, they fall into place as the game progresses.

Another favorite game – roulette, is also a game of chance and comprises of a number of bets. You will come across inside and outside bets, odd and even bets, color bets etc. and with a relatively low house edge this game is played extensively worldwide. There are so many variations that have been introduced the recent one being Roulette Royale.

Slots are the most exciting of all and the variations are mind blowing. The three reel, five reel, progressive, bonus, multiline, etc. are so many to choose from and online casino slots enthusiasts could never say they have had enough of a game of slots, as the more you indulge the more you want to stay on and play. The Video slots are even more alluring with their theme-based games and comic strip and historical creatures brought to life. The bonus rounds are another attraction, which are triggered when a winning combination is obtained, along with a number of free spin rounds.

While playing video poker, which is a hybrid between traditional poker and a slot machine, poker skills are put to test and poker enthusiasts are known to play at these machines frequently. With scatter and wild symbols this game is a unique attraction and is becoming increasingly popular and famous. There are number of bonus rounds that feature in this game.

Finally in a game of poker the objective is to get the best five-card poker hand by using all the strategy you possibly can. Just like blackjack where strategy is key to a successful game, without proper strategy and skill you are lost while playing poker since you require skills, planning and strategy to emerge a winner.